Things to do in Huesca

Explore best of Huesca and make your Huesca tour memorable. Lets discover best things to do in Huesca, Spain.

Huesca Cathedral

Huesca Cathedral is famous places

La Catedral de Huesca is over 800-year-old cathedral of prayer is the pride and delight of Huesca, with a huge number of explorers landing in the city consistently just to see it. Huesca Cathedral is one of very famous place to visit in Huesca. This cathedral is well known for its Gothic and Moorish-blended style, Huesca Cathedral’s stunning alabaster special raised area, made by Damià Forment, is absolutely worth seeing if you are planning to visit Huesca.

When to Visit Huesca Cathedral – Monday to Sunday opens from 9:00 A.M.-1:30 P.M. and from 4:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M. General ticket price is 4Euro to 2Euro if reduced and no entry fee for children under 12yrs.

Loarre Castle

Things to do in huesca explore loarre castle

Loarre Castle is located about 1,071 meters high in the near a village Losare and only 30 km from city. This majestic fort is considered to be the best-preserved Romanesque castle in Europe. This Castle was built on Roman walls in the 11th century and is said to be the starting point of the Romanesque style of architecture in Aragon. It lies on a rocky ridge and consists of several buildings which are mostly well preserved. From these you can see walls and towers, forts, homage towers and queen’s look-outs.

When to Visit Loarre Castle – Anytime

Huesca Museum

famous Huesca Museum

Huesca Museum is founded around 19 century and it is located in old Sertoriana University. And owned by State since 1918 after materialized in 1873 by the personal contribution of Valentín Carderera.

You can discover interesting examples of Aragonese and Fine art. Collection of 15th centuries canvases, Gothics paintings, “Bulls of Bordeaux” lithographs from Goya and many historic things can be seen here.

When to Visit Huesca Museum – Entry is free of cost. Timings: Go through Museum website –

Abbey of San Pedro El Viejo

Huesca place to visit

Abbey of San Pedro el Viejo was established in the 12th century and a former Benedictine monastery was built by the Benedictines. It is considered as the most important buildings for the Romanesque architecture of Aragon and declared a national monument in 1886. It consists of two parts which you can explore the church and a pretty beautiful cloister.

Abbey of San Pedro El Viejo houses the tombs of King Alfonso I “the Warrior” and his brother King Ramiro II “the Monk”. And artwork from Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic like some beautiful murals, Wooden choir stalls etc.

When to Visit Abbey of San Pedro El Viejo – As timing may differ please go through official website –

Parque Miguel Servet

Parque Miguel Servet in Huesca

Parque Miguel Servet is a green natural place located in the center of city, where you can see beautiful flora and fauna as well as a large group of sculptures scattered in different areas of the enclosure. It contains more than 8 different tree species, which coexist with shrubs and aquatic species in the ponds. This is a very versatile park to take amazing photos and have fun with your family.

When to visit Parque Miguel Servet – Follow opening hours.

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